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Election FAQs

How do I register to vote?

Several locations are designated as permanent voter registration sites, including schools, libraries, colleges and universities, city halls, and the Historic Courthouse (Room 113). For more information about registering to vote, including a list of registration sites throughout Greene County, click here.

How do I change my address?

If a voter is already registered and moves to a new residence located in the same county, that voter will need to update their registration, preferably before election day to avoid any delays. You can change your address at one of the many registration sites in Greene County – for a full list of locations click here. If it is within several weeks of election day, you may want to visit the County Clerk’s office in Room 113 in the Historic Courthouse, 940 N. Boonville in Springfield, to make certain your voter record is updated prior to election day.

Where’s my polling place?

Whether you are a newly registered voter or just checking to see if there have been any changes in polling place locations, there are several tools to help you on the Clerk’s website. To view them all, click here.

What is absentee voting and how do I do it?

The State of Missouri does not permit early voting as is the practice of some other jurisdictions. However, qualified voters who have a legal reason as provided by statute may be able to cast an absentee ballot prior to any given election. All absentee voters must sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury attesting as to their legal reason for voting by absentee ballot. For more information about legal specifications necessary to qualify for absentee voting, an absentee ballot application request, information about military and overseas voting, resources for permanently disabled voters and more, click here.

Where can I see a sample ballot?

To see a list of current and past sample ballots with links to view them, click here.

What ID do I need to bring with me to vote?

Voter ID Option 1: As of June 01, 2017, Missouri law requires voters to show a valid government-issued photo identification from the state of Missouri or federal government when checking into vote. 

Voter ID Option 2: 

The voter will need to show one of the following forms of personal identification:

  1. Voter registration card
  2. ID from a university, college, vocational, or technical school located in Missouri
  3. Current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document containing their name and address

Voter ID Option 3: If the voter has a valid government-issued photo identification from the state of Missouri or federal government and failed to bring it with them when they check into vote, at their assigned polling location, they then have the option to cast a provisional ballot.

  1. The voter then has the option to return to the polls during voting hours and present a valid Missouri or United States government-issued photo identification and their voted ballot will count.
  2. If the voter is unable to return to his/her polling location with his/her photo identification during voting hours on election day, then his/her signature on the provisional ballot envelope will be compared to his/her signature on his/her voter registration record kept by the office. If the signatures match, his/her voted ballot will be counted.