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The philosophy of the Abuse/Neglect Unit of the Greene County Juvenile Court is based on the strength-based treatment model which utilizes as a foundation the family's strengths with the assistance of the Children's Division, a support team, CASA, and the community. As Deputy Juvenile Officers in the Abuse/Neglect Unit of the Greene County Juvenile Court, we will make a conscious effort to demonstrate respect to all parents and family support team members by supporting the duties and responsibilities inherent to each entity in order to provide an environment conducive to the well-being of the families and children who come before the Court.

The Abuse/Neglect Unit shares the responsibility for assuring that children who come before the Juvenile Court grow up in safe, nurturing, and permanent homes. Cases referred to the Juvenile Office by Children's Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services are investigated by a multidisciplinary team involving the Children's Division Investigator, Deputy Juvenile Officer and law enforcement with the assistance of other community agencies and/or medical/mental health providers.

Formal Intervention
Following an investigation, and when legal sufficiency is established and upon recommendation from the Children's Division, a petition is filed with temporary legal custody of the child being placed with the Children's Division for placement outside of a parental home. This occurs when the child's safety cannot be maintained in the parent's home due to physical, sexual, emotional abuse and/or neglect.

Deputy Juvenile Officers provide on-going court case management services and monitor compliance of all Orders of the Court.

Referral Process
Referrals to the Abuse/Neglect unit are made by the Missouri Children's Division Services and local law enforcement.