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Court House

Have you ever wondered how Greene County operates? The employees and elected officials are leading the charge through transparency and open book management. Here you can find information about your tax dollars at work. An informed public is an effective public, as Greene County strives to provide the best possible services to our citizens.  Greene County, Sets the Standard.

Sales Tax

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States, cities, and local governments charge taxes on almost everything that is purchased to provide services in the community. A sales tax rate can vary depending on where products are purchased. 

Do you know how the sales tax dollars are being allocated in our community? Click here for the allocation.

Ever wonder how sales tax for Greene County municipalities compare?  Click here for the comparison.


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Critical to effective operations, Greene County strives to maintain a solid balance in a 90 Day Cash Reserve account. Just like our community, Greene County has experienced significant financial struggles due to the economic downturn. Through open book management, Greene County has been able to stabilize and improve its operating reserve. 

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Great Game of Government

Great Game of Government

County Culture

Creating a partnership with the employees and the community.

Click Here to navigate your way through Greene County's journey into Open Book Management. 

Click Here to learn more about our weekly huddle, access the meeting notes and presentations. 

Click Here to celebrate Greene County's achievements in the Great Game of Government.

Weekly Huddle

A weekly meeting held in the Historic Courthouse in Room 210 every Tuesday morning at 8:12 am to 8:42 am. This is an environment open to all employees and the community to learn more about Greene County.  The meetings are a time to share current events, an education spotlight, and/or inspiration/motivation topic.

Huddle Schedule:

1st Tuesday - Commission Corner & Character Spotlight

2nd Tuesday - Department Education

3rd Tuesday - Community Education

4th Tuesday - Projection Reporting (offices and departments come to share monthly projections)

5th Tuesday - Game Show (recaps all previous information learned in other huddles)