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Recap of this week's Huddle Recap of this week's Huddle

Angie Crews greeted the Huddle audience by asking if any of the departments had experienced a win recently.

  • David Yancey shared Lisa Haworth from the Public Administrator’s office won the Top Branch Award.
  • Treasurer’s office 40 business days with no errors.  Previous record was 52 days.


The meeting was turned over to Bill Prince, Family Court and Juvenile Administrator and he started discussing the presentation of “How to Create a Win”.  Do not start off trying to get an awards because it is the wrong type of motivation to get a project going, look for a need and it is okay to brag about your department.

Since 2013 the Juvenile Department has won multiple awards.  Bill pointed out that they are all “Team” awards.  In their normal operations, they recognized how to satisfy needs within their department.

To name a few of the programs developed:

RADAR (Responding Appropriately to Drug and Alcohol Referrals) is an initiative created to prevent use and dependency on illegal substances including drugs and alcohol in youth. 

GEMS (Girls Empowering Minds and Spirits) is gender responsive programming through the juvenile justice system.

TNT (Teens in Transition) a program developed for older kids getting ready to age out of the foster care system in need of job skills and other resources to enter the workforce or college.  Helping them be more successful.

GCYA (Greene County Youth Academy) is an intensive community based treatment program that provides educational services along with group, family, and individual counseling, life skills development, recreational opportunities, and cognitive behavioral treatment in a well-structured and supervised environment

Bills tips on “How to Create a Win”

  1. How do you get there?  Know your why.  Simon Sinek has a great TED Talk on How to Great Leader Inspire Action. It’s knowing the why that makes you successful in finding purpose.
  2. Once your “Why” is figured out, then it drives what you do and how you do it.  Examples are a Mission Statement or Vision Statement.
  3. Walk the track and do a gap analysis.  This will identify what is working well and where there are deficiencies that need attention.
  4. Think outside the box… Do not be afraid to fail
  5. Collaborate – it is all about teamwork.
  6. Brag on yourself – be willing to share your success with others.