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Recap of this week's Huddle Recap of this week's Huddle

Huddle Notes

February 4, 2020

In today’s Huddle, Jill Randolph, from Greene County’s Juvenile Office presented about Discipline. Also in Commission Corner we heard from Bob Dixon, John Russell and Harold Bensch about the current citizen hot topic.

Discipline: Choosing behaviors to help me reach my goals

Pause and Think

  • Give yourself time to take control of your thoughts
  • Doing this allows you to respond instead of react, this is especially true in emotionally intense situations

Control Your Emotions

  • Rather than allowing your emotions rule, decide for yourself how you will respond
  • Choosing to internally acknowledge those emotions, and then gauge your response to a situation takes practice, like exercising a muscle, the more practice the easier it becomes

Building Healthy Habits

  • Developing discipline takes practice
  • Have reminders of your goals, wherever you look most frequently, on your phone, as a post it note, whatever makes sense for you; having these remind you of your commitment
  • For example when Jim Carrey was an unknown actor he actually kept a picture of a check for a million dollars written to himself in his wallet as a reminder of his goal to become famous
  • Have an accountability partner, it is much easier to accomplish a goal with another person or group that is committed to accomplishing similar goals

Enthusiasm and endurance can make an average person superior; lethargy and indifference can make a superior person average

Commission Corner

Citizen Hot Topic currently: temporary jail/ criminal justice around Springfield and Greene County

Insight Regarding the Temporary Jail situation:

  • Commissioner Bensch advised that the expense was significantly higher than anticipated
  • Commissioner Russell brought to light unseen expenses and risks involved with housing inmates out of county such as: the travel required by officers and the additional escape risk with inmates transported to off-site locations

Consider this…

To the degree that we are not living our dream – our comfort zone has more control over our life than we do