Greene County Logo Senior Citizens' Services Fund


"Thank you for providing funding for the shingles vaccine. Today's clinic at Northview Center served 71 seniors, many who expressed gratitude for this opportunity! Sincere thanks for all you do!"

"I would like to thank the St. John's occupational therapy department for providing written testing and driving evaluation for my wife. It has enabled her to be a much more confident and safe driver and to maintain a quality of life that she desires.*"

(This program is funded through the Greene County Senior Citizens' Services Fund)

"I've been coming to The Salvation Army's senior lunch program for about two years. I feel blessed to be able to come to a place where I can have a nice, warm meal when I need a little help with food. I've made a lot of new friends with other seniors who come for lunch, and I look forward to visiting with them. The Salvation Army is an amazing place, and I really appreciate the lunch program. Thank you for supporting it!" - Christine, 64