Greene County Logo Highway Department


Mark Webb, PEMark Webb, PE Assistant Administrator (417) 829-6514

The Assistant Administrator plans, manages, and oversees road and bridge construction projects, and supervises permitted right-of-way activities.

Angela Nelson, PEAngela Nelson, PE Chief Engineer (417) 829-6536 [email protected]

The Chief Engineer prepares and oversees engineering plans and documents for roadway and bridge improvement projects, and analyzes traffic safety concerns within Greene County right-of-way.

Harry StennettHarry Stennett Operations Director (417) 829-6532

Oversees all aspects of daily road maintenance operations and the supervisors and crews that maintain Greene County's roadways. 

Crystal Richards, PHRCrystal Richards, PHR Finance & Administration Manager (417) 829-6516

Oversees the Highway Department's financial and administrative functions. The Finance & Administration Manager is responsible for the Highway Department's financial reporting, human resources activities and managing office operations and staff. 

Jeff DeckardJeff Deckard District 1 (Westside) Supervisor (417) 829-6531

Oversees maintenance of Greene County's roadways on the west side of the county. This includes all of un-incorporated Greene County west of the City of Springfield. 

Kevin BadeKevin Bade District 2 (Eastside) Supervisor (417) 829-6530

Oversees maintenance of Greene County's roadways on the east side of the county. This includes all of un-incorporated Greene County east of the City of Springfield. 

Leroy GottLeroy Gott Traffic Control Supervisor (417) 829-6527

Oversees the maintenance and placement of Greene County road signs and road markings. 

Jim FranckaJim Francka Project Inspection Supervisor (417) 829-6522

Oversees road & bridge construction projects and the project inspectors. 

Mike BreseeMike Bresee Subdivision Inspection Supervisor (417) 829-6509

Oversees subdivision inspectors and reviews, approves plans for new subdivision roads and improvements. 

John ParhamJohn Parham Right of Way Inspector (417) 829-6523

Inspects plans for utility placement on county rights-of-way and approves and issues specifications for the permits required to work on Greene County rights-of-way including; utility placements, driveways, etc. 

Jeff Avers, PLSJeff Avers, PLS Surveyor (417) 829-6538

Performs and oversees technicians who perform surveys verifying county rights-of-way and required acquisition of right-of-way for various future road improvements. 

**Position Vacant****Position Vacant** Purchasing Coordinator (417) 868-4019

Responsible for the procurement of supplies, equipment, services and construction for the Highway Department.