Greene County Logo Archives

1905 Springfield, Missouri City Directory

This 1905 Springfield, Missouri, City Directory has been transcribed by Judy Reustle, a longtime Archives' volunteer. As it falls between the 1900 and 1910 censuses it will be an invaluable research tool for the genealogist and historian. This transcription represents many hours of work and additional research on the part of Judy who made every effort to provide an accurate copy of the 1905 Directory.

There are a number of abbreviations used in this directory which are explained at the front of this book. Some names are no longer used, such as Expressman or Lithographer. Other names were in use in 1905 but are not accepted today. The letter "C" was used for "Colored" a term for African-Americans who are listed in this directory.

After the two pages listing the abbreviations are several pages providing street names and approximate locations in Springfield.

Before the main body of the 1905 Springfield City Directory there is one sheet listing residents of Nichols, a small town to the west of Springfield. Also known as Junction City, this town has been absorbed by Springfield. A map of Nichols/Junction City can be seen in the Plat Book of Greene County, Missouri, 1904.

The directory pages headings are as follows: