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1873 Springfield City Directory



  The large and growing business interests of Springfield, render a city directory an absolute necessity. The present time seems especially appropriate for its advent, and we feel that in presenting this, the first Springfield City Directory, we are supplying a want that has long been felt by even the humblest of her citizens.
  In older and more pretentious cities, the work of publishing a Directory is always encompassed with many difficulties, and an absolutely correct one is an impossibility. Here owing to the houses being unnumbered, the peculiar nature of the streets, and other circumstances, the difficulties usually met by the compiler are many times multiplied, and while we have used every endeavor to prevent it, sparing neither time nor labor, it may be that that there have occurred errors and omissions. If any such should be found, we solicit the forbearance of the public, assuring them that they are neither the result of intent or neglect.
  We feel confident that this Directory will be the means of saving much time to citizens and strangers, and as time is the equivalent of money, we hope that they will remember it, and also remember that it is entirely owing to the liberality of the firms whose cards appear herein, that we are enable to issue this publication, and so make them this saving. Surely something is due them.
  Hoping the Directory of 1873-4, will meet with a kind reception, and that our city may be prospered in the future as in the past, we present this volume for the consideration of the public.

  Springfield, Sept 1, 1873 THE PUBLISHERS