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1873 Springfield City Directory


    Our sketch of Springfield must be much more brief than we desired it should be, owing in part to the mystery that surrounds her early history, partly to an insufficient quantity of data at hand, and partly to lack of time for the research necessary to prepare it. It was the intention of the publishers to have devoted a considerable space to this interesting theme, provided a suitable person could be found-a person conversant with all the facts, and with an ability to properly portray them. With this in view we called on the larger portion of the older citizens to solicit their individual aid in the matter, but found them unwilling to make any effort, or doubtful of their ability to write such an article as was desired. We are therefore compelled to confine ourselves to a plain statement of the few facts obtainable, without that agreeable garnishment that could so easily be added by one familiar with all the minute details of each event.
    It seems, from the best information we could obtain, that the first settlement was made in 1832 or 1833, and probably there was not then formed the nucleus of the present town; but it was not until August 27th, 1836 (as seen by deed from John P Campbell, in the recorder's office,,) that the original tract of fifty acres was set aside as a town site. From this time till 1844, Springfield continued to improve, and did a good business with the country south and west, as she has continued to do ever since. From 1844 to 1854, however, there was little increase in her population, but an advancing tendency was manifested in the following year, a charter obtained, and an increase in business and population followed, that continued till the breaking out of the war, at which time the population was about 2,000.
    Springfield suffered greatly during the war, being a prey to both armies. Many of the buildings were burned or otherwise destroyed, and a large number of forest trees that added much to her beauty, were cut down to be used as fuel for the armies. In the early summer of 1861, the federals took possession of the town, which they held until after the memorable battle of Wilson's Creek, fought on the 10th of August, 1861, some twelve miles to the south-west. The federals being defeated were obliged to retreat to Rolla, and the rebels entered and held the place till October of the same year, when they were driven out by Fremont. He however soon withdrew to Rolla to winter and Springfield again passed into the hands of Price's forces, who remained till February of '62, when it was again occupied by the federals under Curtis, and held by them until the close of the war.
    In 1864 Springfield commenced growing rapidly, and continued to do so for several years, since which her increase has been somewhat slower, yet steady. The present population, according to the census just taken is 5,814.
    Until as late as 1870 Springfield had no connection with the eastern portion of the State, except by wagon and stage; but in that year the Atlantic and Pacific road was finished from St. Louis. This is a present her only railroad, yet there is every prospect that in a short time the Kansas City and Memphis road will be built from Springfield to Kansas City. Thirty-seven miles of it are already graded, and parties are East negotiating for the iron. This road will put us in connection with the extensive coal fields north, and place Springfield in a position to do a large manufacturing business. The Mexican and Gulf road too talks of making a junction with the A & P at this place. This road has an extensive land grant and will certainly be built. Its southern terminus will be Sabine Pass, but whether Springfield will be its northern one or not cannot yet be told.
    Springfield is doing a large business with the surrounding country, and has a considerable wholesale trade west and south. Her manufacturing interests too are increasing in number and importance. She has excellent educational facilities, a good public school system, a female seminary and a college for both sexes is now being built. She has an abundance of good water, while her elevation of more than 1,500 feet above sea level, renders the atmosphere particularly pure and healthy. No miasmatic diseases have ever been known here, and we apprehend the day is not far distant when Springfield will be noted as a resort for health. These advantages render her prospects bright and flattering.
   The city government is in the hands of the following gentlemen:
Mayor John McGregor
Clerk John H Paine
Recorder David C See
Marshal John a Patterson
Assessor B F Partridge
Treasurer John R Ferguson
Attorney James E Kenton
Street Commissioner Wayne O'Donald
First Ward H Fletcher, W A Knott
Second Ward M. Paxson, Thos. U Flanner
Third Ward W C Hornbeak, F M Shockley
Fourth Ward Benj. U Massey, Samuel Odell
Police Force
Chief of Police is John A Patterson, City Marshal
Patrolmen - Joseph Ward, W W York, Henry Franz, Jas. L Hollingsworth, John W Mack, Patrick Hayes, D B Savage.
Ward Boundaries
First Ward - Comprises all that portion of the city lying east of South street and south of St Louis street
Second Ward - Comprises all that portion of the city lying east of Boonville street and north of St Louis street
Third Ward - Comprises all that portion of the city lying west of Boonville street and north of College street
Fourth Ward - Comprises all that portion of the city lying west of South street and south of College street

County Officers
    The Court House is located on the west side of the public square, and though possessing no claims to architectural beauty, is strong and durable. The County Jail is immediately in the rear.
Clerk Circuit Court R A C Mack
Clerk County Court A Demuth
Clerk Prob. And Common Pleas Court E D Ott
Treasurer A F Ingram
Sheriff A J Potter
Recorder of Deeds Charles Lisenby
Attorney Joseph T Rice
Public Administrator S H Julian
Surveyor J L McCraw, Sr
Superintendent Public Schools O S Reed
    County Court - Meets first Monday in January, April, July and October. Benjamin Kite, Presiding Justice; Ralph Walker and M J Rountree, Associate Justices; A Demuth, Clerk.

Circuit Court - Meets first Monday in May and November. W F Geiger, Judge; R A C Mack, Clerk.

Common Pleas Court - Meets first Monday in January and July. J H Show, Judge; E D Ott, Clerk.

Probate Court - Meets first Monday in January, April, July and October. J H Show, Judge; E D Ott, Clerk.

Public Schools
    Springfield has two large public schools, one for white, and one for colored children. The buildings are of brick, large and substantial, and well suited for the purpose for which they are intended. The Central School House was built at a cost, together with the ground, of some $22,000, and the Colored School House, at a cost of $6,000.

    Board of Education -- J. Fairbanks, President; W c Hornbeak, Secretary; R L McElhany, Treasurer; James Abbot, J E Tefft, John E Werth, Directors; Charles C Hutchinson, Superintendent.

Central School (White)
    Teachers - Chas. C Hutchinson, Principal of High School; Henry Rickards, Assistant; Miss A Cowan, Principal Grammar School; Miss Alice Cochran, Miss M E Tucker, Miss L Boyd, First Assistants; Miss Belle Jennings, Miss Pauline B Warren, Miss M C Clark, Second Assistants; Miss Laura M Withrow, Miss Martha Morris, Third Assistants.
Enumeration for 1872-3 1,430
Enrollment during the year 931
Average Attendance 452
Average belonging 511
Colored School
    Teachers - Titus Hayes, Principal; W D Wesson, First Assistant; Mrs. Priscella Houghton, Second Assistant.
Enumeration for 1872-3 465
Enrollment during the year 310
Average Attendance 123
Average belonging 140
    The expenses of the School Board for 1872-3 have been as follows:
Salaries $7,495.00
Interest 2,750.00
Fuel, insurance, repairs, incidentals 771.25
TOTAL $11,016.25

    The Post Office is located in the Metropolitan Hotel building on College Street west of the Square. It is presided over by P. C Stephens, ably and efficiently seconded by J W McCullah as Assistant Postmaster, and J M Short and S W Lockett, Clerks. They have some 843 boxes, which are nearly all rented. Some idea of the amount of business done may be learned from the following figures:
July 1, 1872 to June 30, 1863 Stamps $5,579.74
Box account and newspaper postage 957.02
Money Orders issued, 2,959 amount $57,000.00
Money Orders paid. " amount $52,000.00


East Mail - Arrives daily at 9 PM; closes daily at 9 PM
West Mail - Arrives daily, except Sunday, at 5 AM; closes daily, except Sunday, at 8 PM
North Mail - Bolivar, Warsaw and Osceola. Arrives daily, except Monday, at 6 PM; leaves daily, except Sunday, at 7:30 AM
South Mail - Ozark, Forsyth, Yellville and Harrison. Arrives Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6 PM; leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 AM.
Ash Grove and Greenfield - arrives daily, except Sunday, at 5 PM; leaves daily, except Sunday at 7:30 AM
Walnut Grove and Dadeville - Arrives Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6 PM; leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 AM.
Dallas and Hartville - Arrives Wednesday and Saturday at 6 PM; leaves Monday and Thursday at 6 AM
Kenton and Pryor's Store - Arrives Wednesday at 6 PM; leaves Monday at 6 AM
Hickory Barrens and Fair Grove - Arrives Saturday at 12 M; leaves Saturday at 1 PM
Cowskin and Vera Cruz - Arrives Saturday at 6 PM; leaves Thursday at 6 AM
OFFICE HOURS - for delivery of letters and sale of stamps, from 7 AM to 7:30 PM. On Sundays from 7 to 8 AM. Money Order Department from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM.



Springfield Grove - Meets every Wednesday, at 8 PM in Odd Fellows Hall. Jacob Zengler, N A; Chas. Bollman, U A; John Beuermann, Sec.
Solomon Lodge, No 271 - Meets the Tuesday night before every full moon, in Masonic Hall. W O Cox, M.; R S Eddy, Sr. W.; John P Hill, Jr. W.; John H Paine, Sec.
United Lodge, No 5 - Meets the Thursday night before every full moon, in Masonic Hall. J W D L F Mack, M.; John McGregor, Sr. W.; D W Campbell, Jr. W.; C F Leavin, Sec.
Springfield Royal Arch Chapter, No. 15 - Meets the first Monday in every month, in Masonic Hall. J E Tefft, H. P.; John S Phelps, K.; Samuel C Walkey, Scribe; C F Leavitt, Sec.
St John's Commandery, No. 20 - Meets the first and third Saturdays of every month, in Masonic Hall. Fred King, E C; J Newton, Genl'smo; John H Paine, Sec.

American Lodge, No 195, I O O F - Organized in 1869; meets every Friday night in Odd Fellows' Hall. J G Marsteller, N G; E D Ott, V G; D D Sheppard, Sec.
Harmony Lodge, No 71, I O O F - Organized in 1854; meets every Monday night in Odd Fellows' Hall. Victor Sommers, N G; W A Underhill, V G; Wm Morehiser, Sec.
Umpire Encampment, No 42 - Meets the second and fourth Saturdays of every month, in Odd Fellows' Hall. Charles Lisenby, C P; E Speaker, H P; W H Morehizer, S W; John A White, J W; E R Shipley, Scribe.

Springfield Grange, No 380 - Meets every Saturday in City Hall. Dr McPherson, W M; J H Show, O; J W D L F Mack, Lec; Miss Betty Weaver, Sec.


Baptist Church (colored) - Washington Ave., between Chestnut and Sycamore. Services every Sunday at 10:30 AM, 3 PM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 9 AM. Rev. Tyler Thompson, Pastor.

Calvary Presbyterian Church - Jefferson street, between Walnut and Elm. Services every Sunday at 10:45 AM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 9:30 AM. Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at 7 PM. Sunday School Teachers' Meeting every Friday at 8 PM. Rev. C H Dunlap, Pastor; W R Gorton, Superintendent of Sunday School; George See, Charles Sheppard, W R Gorton, John S Carson and William A Milner, Elders; William A Knott, H W Werth, James B Townsend and James E Kenton, Deacons; J Lee Lord, Dr. Thomas U Flanner and John H Meinhardt, Trustees.

Christian Church - College street, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Services every Sunday, at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 2:30 PM. Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at 7:30 PM. Rev J D Taylor, Pastor; W c Hornbeak, Superintendent Sunday School; J H Marsteller, John M Wood and W C Hornbeak, Elders; F M Shockley, L Bearden, J W Ward, J D Gardner and A A Gardner, Deacons; L. M Rainey, F M Shockley and W C Hornbeak, Trustees.

Church of the Immaculate Conception - (Roman Catholic) - Campbell Street, southwest corner Pine. Holy Mass every Sunday at 8 AM and 10:15 AM. Vespers every Sunday at 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 2 PM. Weekday Holy Mass at 7:30 AM. Rev Th. Kussman, Pastor.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Jefferson street, southeast corner Olive. Services every Sunday at 11 AM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 9 AM. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, at 7:30 PM. Ladies' Prayer Meeting, Thursday afternoon. Rev T W Pendergrass, Pastor; Gen'l C B Holland, Sunday School Superintendent; Gen'l C B Holland, Nathan Bray, Julius Rountree, E E Barnes, William M Townsend, and Edward Moore, Elders; George W Barnes and William Anderson, Deacons.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church (colored) - Water street, between Benton and Washington avenues. Services every Sunday at 3 PM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 9 AM. Sunday Prayer Meeting at 11 AM. Prayer meeting every Thursday at 7:30 PM. Ladies' Prayer meeting every Tuesday at 7:30 PM. Rev. Robert Johnson, Pastor. Granville Abernathy, superintendent of Sunday School. Marcellus Cooper, Assistant Superintendent. Granville Abernathy, William Gatewood, Wesley Rose, John Jarrett, Oscar Danfourth, and Jackson Jarrett, Elders. Marcellus Cooper, Deacon.

Episcopal Church - Walnut street, northeast corner of Kimbrough

First Baptist Church - East side South street, between Walnut and Gilmore. Services every Sunday at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 2:30 PM. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, at 7:30 PM. Rev J C Maple, Pastor. W D Sheppard, Superintendent Sunday School. H Fletcher, B H Henslee, F A Everett and M Bowman, Deacons. Dr. McPherson, J B Henslee and Chas Lisenby, Trustees.

First Methodist Episcopal Church - Between South and Jefferson and Walnut and Gilmore streets. Services every Sunday at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 2:30 PM. Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at 7:30 PM. H R Miller, Pastor; Joseph Hursh, Superintendent of Sunday School; R J McElhany, J S Waddill, John Demuth, E A Wright, J H Show, W P Timmons, J M McCullah, W D Wesson and James T Hubbard, Stewards; R J McElhany, J S Waddill, Joseph Hursh, Dr W W McCluer, J T Keet and J H Show, Trustees.

Methodist Episcopal Church (colored) - Water southwest corner Benton avenue. Services every Sunday at 3 PM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 9 AM. Class Meeting at 11 AM. Prayer Meeting every Friday at 7:30 PM. Rev Edgar Pitts, Pastor; Philip Morton, Superintendent of Sunday School; James Stone, S Coker and Benjamin Williams, Stewards and Trustees.

St Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church - South - South street, southwest corner Walnut. Services every Sunday at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM. Sunday School at 9 AM. Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at 7:30 PM. M J Law, Pastor; Chas O Jones, Sunday School Superintendent; George M Jones, George S Day, J P Hill, William McAdams, Dr H Y Knowles, M L Elzey, and W P Whitlock, Stewards; George M Jones, M L Elzey, W P Whitlock, John L Holland and William McAdams, Trustees.



    This Association was organized in 1868, and regular semi-annual fairs are held in May and September of each year. Joseph Kirchgraber, President. Henry Knowles, Secretary.


    This Association is the successor of the old "South-Western Agricultural and Mechanical Association," organized in 1855, and which continued to hold fairs from that year until 1870, except in the years 1861, '62, '63 and '64, when they were prevented by the war. In 1871 they became involved, and in July of that year the grounds were sold under deed of trust, and bought in by a company of twenty-seven, who have since organized under the name of the Greene County Agricultural and Mechanical Association. They held fairs on the old grounds in 1871 and '72, and this year, 1873, have purchased the new grounds lying immediately south of and adjacent to the city, which they are fitting up in good style.
    The present officers are, John McGregor, President; J W D L F Mack, Vice President; A. Demuth, Secretary; and Jared E Smith, Treasurer.


    This Association was organized May 1st, 1871, for purposes usual to institutions of the same character. It holds regular meetings the first Thursday in every month, at the rooms in Phoenix Building. The following is a list of the present officers: Waldo C Booth, President; George M Jones, Vice President; John E Werth, Secretary; J Newton, Treasurer.


    This Association was organized in January of the present year, '73, for the purpose of mutual improvement, and the dissemination of musical knowledge. It meets every Tuesday night, and at present has about thirty active members.
    Officers: Joseph Graves, President; George M Sawyer, Vice President; Mrs. Wade Burton, Secretary; O H Guffin, Musical Director.


Altar and Rosary Society (Roman Catholic) - Officers not yet elected
Cheerful Workers (Baptist) - Meets weekly. Mrs Emma Henslee, Pres't; Miss Junie Fletcher, Sec.
Ladies' Aid Society (Cumberland Presbyterian) - Mrs Beal, Pres't; Miss Eliza Sprowls, Sec.
Ladies' Aid Society (M E South) - Meets every Tuesday at 3 PM. Mrs George M Jones, Pres't; Miss Ella Young, Sec.
Ladies' and Pastor's Christian Union (Methodist Episcopal) - Meets first Thursday in every month, at 3 PM. Rev H R Miller, Pres't; Mrs Sophia Boyd, Sec.
Ladies' Foreign Missionary Society (Presbyterian) - Meets once a month. Mrs Charles Sheppard, President; Mrs Alice B Cochran, Secretary; Miss Amanda Cowan, Treasurer.
Mission Circle (Baptist) - Meets weekly. Mrs S E Maple, Pres't; Mrs Emma Henslee, Sec.
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society (Methodist Episcopal) - Meets first Thursday of each month, at 3 PM. Mrs Rev J J Bentley, Pres't; Mrs D B Taylor, Sec.; Mrs H R Miller, Cor. Sec.
Young People's Mission Band of Hopeful Workers (Presbyterian) - Meets every two weeks. Miss Mary T Sheppard, Pres't; Miss Annie A Knott, Sec.


    The Springfield Weekly Advertiser is a large thirty-two column Republican paper, issued every Wednesday, by Hayward & Co. It is now on its third volume, with a circulation of 1000, and constantly increasing.
    Although sternly and unflinchingly Republican in its principles, freely devoting its columns to political news during the campaigns, and in fact whenever occasion may seem to demand it, its proprietors conduct it in the interval more in accordance with the principles of true journalism, by ignoring in some measure party prejudices and making it a general news and local paper. In this latter particular it excels, and it is no doubt owing to this that it has met with such success.
    The Advertiser has a large book and job office, and are prepared to execute any description of work. Their material is all new, their workmen of superior ability, and Mr Hayward is himself a practical printer. His personal supervision of all work is a sufficient guarantee of its good execution.

    The Missouri Weekly Patriot is a thirty-two column paper, published every Thursday, and devoted to the material interests of the Great Southwest. It is the oldest paper in Southwest Missouri, having been founded in 1864, and it may be relied on as a reflector of the local news of this section. While Republican in principle, it does not lose sight of home news.
    The Patriot has also a large and excellent job office.

    The Springfield Times was established in 1870 as an advocate of the Liberal Movement, and has met with a favorable reception. It is a thirty-six column paper, containing a large amount of reading matter, and is a good family journal. Its circulation is in Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas. Published every Saturday, Taylor & McLoughlin, Editors and Proprietors.

    The Springfield Leader. -- This paper is the oldest Democratic journal in this section, and for some years was the only one in this Congressional District. It is now on its seventh volume, having been established in April of 1867. Originally a weekly, it was changed May 3, 1870, to both daily and weekly, and as such ran till August 31st of the same year, when the experiment not providing sufficient remunerative, it was again changed into a weekly. It has a large circulation in Missouri and Arkansas, and is regarded as the organ of the Democracy in this part of the State.
    The Leader is printed on the only Hoe Cylinder Press in the Southwest, and the only steam press south of the Missouri Pacific R R. They have in connection an extensive job office, and are prepared to execute work quickly and well. Kennedy & Barton, Editors and Proprietors.