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1876 Illustrated Historical Atlas Of Greene County, Missouri

Table of Contents

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Outline Map fo Greene County
Table of Contents

Township Plats

28N 20W p. 4
28N 21W p. 6
28N 22W p. 8
28N 23W p. 10
28N 24W p. 12
30N 20W p. 32
30N 21W p. 34
30N 22W p. 36
30N 23W p. 38
30N 24W p. 40

29N 20W p. 14
29N 21W p. 16
29N 22W p. 18
29N 23W p. 28
29N 24W p. 30
31N 20W p. 42
31N 21W p. 44
31N 22W p. 46
31N 23W p. 48
31N 24W p. 50

North half Springfield
West section, p. 20-21
South half Springfield
West section, p. 24-25
North half Springfield
East section, p. 22-23
South half Springfield
East section, p. 26-27

Towns and Villages

Ash Grove, p. 47
Brookline, p. 51
Cave Spring, p. 49
Dorchester, p. 49
Ebenezer, p. 7
Fair Grove, p. 7
New Bois D'Arc, p. 7
North Springfield, p. 43
Strafford, p. 49
Walnut Grove, p. 45
Walnut Grove, p. 51


History of Greene County, Missouri p. 52
A Portion of our Patrons p. 62
History of Townships p. 58
Biographical Sketches of Citizens
of Greene County, Missouri p. 74


Campbell, A.L., Col.,
Residence and Fruit Farm p. 92
Court House and Jail p. 88
Robertson, W.R., Residence and Stock Farm p. 94
Post Offices in the State of Missouri p. 96
County Poor Farm p. 89
Freeman, W.C., Fruit Farm p. 93
The Springfield Wagon Company p. 90