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Civil Division

Historic Court House
Located inside the Greene County Sheriff's Office Lobby.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office Civil and Records Division currently consists of a Sergeant, a Corporal, six clerical employees, eight full-time Deputy Sheriffs and two Reserve Deputies. This unit is responsible for attempting service of legal documents related to ongoing court cases here in Greene County as well as from across the nation. This legal documentation generally includes summons, complaints, garnishments, subpoenas, Ex Parte orders of protection, writs, and a wide variety of court related documents. While the Civil Division is primarily responsible for carrying out duties directed by the courts, such as court ordered stand by assistance to retrieve property, evictions, and providing transportation for respondents involved in mental health hearings, they also provide additional support to deputies taking calls for service when the need arises. The Civil Division also processes and conducts all Sheriff’s Sales related to real estate levies and general executions to levy upon personal property.

All clerical employees assigned to the Civil and Records Division receive and track all incoming documentation. Clerks handle a variety of tasks related to data entry, financial tracking, garnishments (including exemptions, releases, and objections filed relating to garnishments our agency has served). Civil and Records Clerks also maintain incident reports, traffic summons, and felony registrations.

Copies of incident reports may be requested by calling the Record Division’s direct line at (417-868-4042) or by completing this form and mailing or faxing it to:

Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Records Division
5100 West Division Street
Springfield, MO 65802

To assist us in processing your request, please include the following:

Reports are processed and redacted in accordance with RSMo 610.

Photo ID and/or signature may be required to be provided prior to releasing requested reports.

Eviction Procedure Information

What are my rights as a Landlord or a Tenant?
(It should be noted that if you have questions in regards to Landlord/Tenant laws, you should contact your attorney for specific information)

    • Tenants should:
      • Pay rent on time
      • Use reasonable care and not damage property
      • Property dispose of trash
      • Refrain from taking in additional occupants or subleasing without the Landlord's written permission
    • Landlords should:
      • Make property habitable before tenants move in
      • Make and pay for repairs due to ordinary wear and tear
      • Refrain from turning off a tenant's utilities
      • Provide written notice to tenants when ownership of the property is transferred to a new Landlord/owner
      • Not unlawfully discriminate

What is the procedure for an eviction?
A Landlord may not evict a tenant without a court order. The Landlord may begin eviction proceedings if a tenant:

  • Damages property
  • Fails to pay rent
  • Violates the terms of the lease
  • Injures the lessor or another tenant
  • Allows drug related criminal activity on the property
  • Fails to vacate at the conclusion of the lease

The tenant should be served with, or the property posted with, a summons and petition notifying them that a lawsuit has been filed and will have the opportunity to be heard in court before any eviction. Upon the Landlord receiving a judgement for possession and filing for a Writ to Execute on the judgement for possession, the GCSO will schedule a date and time with the plaintiff/Landlord within five business days to stand by while the Landlord evicts the Tenant and regains possession of the property. The Landlord has the responsibility of scheduling for a locksmith and staff required for moving of property if needed.

Missouri State Statutes reference Landlord/Tenant Law RSMo. Chapters 441, 534 and 535

Ex Parte Orders of Protection

How and where would I go to get a "Temporary/Emergency Order of Protection"?
Citizens who feel they need a "Temporary Order of Protection" (also called an "Ex Parte") can come to the Circuit Clerks' Office on the second floor of Greene County Judicial Building to complete the necessary paperwork. Per RSMo. 455.035, upon the filing of a petition and with good cause shown in the petition, the court may issue an Ex Parte Order of Protection. Most court hearings are held within 15 days after filing. (Dates, times and locations of events will help with your request)

Frequently asked questions about Ex Partes

  • Can I dismiss my Ex Parte if I change my mind?
    • No - when an Ex Parte is granted by the court, neither party can dismiss it and it will remain active until the hearing
  • Can I get an Officer/Deputy to go with me to get my belongings or property?
    • Law Enforcement stand-bys are not provided without a court order
  • If a Full Order is granted, will it be served to the respondent?
    • The court shall cause a copy of any Full Order of Protection to be served upon the respondent's last known address. Failure to find and serve the Full Order of Protection shall not affect the validity or enforcement of the order
  • Can I dismiss my Full Order if I change my mind?
    • A Full Order of Protection can only be dismissed if the petitioner petitions the court and a Judge grants the request
  • Is there a cost associated with requesting a Temporary Order of Protection?
    • No - there is no charge assessed to either party

The Ex Parte Process: Need to Know
Please note that filling out the forms for an Ex Parte Order of Protection does not mean that an order will automatically be granted. There are three possible outcomes after the Judge reviews your petition:

  • The petition can be dismissed, which means that there is no Temporary Order of Protection and no hearing will be held
  • The petition can be denied and set for hearing, which means that there will be a hearing to determine if a Full Order of Protection should be issued but there is no Temporary Order of Protection in place until the hearing date
  • An Ex Parte Order of Protection can be issued and a hearing date set

What information do I need to bring with me when I file?

  • An address where the Respondent can be served
  • Any applicable police report numbers
  • Dates the incidents occurred
  • Photos of injuries or damage to property

Is there any cost to file? 
There is no cost to file an Ex Parte Order of Protection. However, there may be additional expenses incurred if the court determines they are warranted.

Do I have to fill out my paperwork at the courthouse or can I take it home with me? 
You do not have to complete your paperwork at the courthouse. If you choose to take it home with you to work on, you must either sign it in front of a notary before you bring it back or wait to sign it until you are back in front of a Deputy Clerk in the Circuit Clerk's Office so they can witness your signature

If I need help completing my paperwork, who can help me? 
The Clerk's Office can only explain the paperwork to you - they cannot advise you. If you would like help with what to write, please contact an attorney. You may also contact the Victim's Center at (417) 863-7273 for the limited assistance an advocate can provide

If I am granted a Protection Order as an adult, will my order protect my children?
No - an Adult Ex Parte protects only the Petitioner listed on the order. If you would like to obtain an Order of Protection for your child/children, you must complete a Child Ex Parte Order of Protection petition for a Judge to review.

How long will it take for the Judge to review my petition?
Petitions are usually reviews the same day, but it is easier to ensure that you will receive an answer the same day if you come in early. The Circuit Clerk's Office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. When you turn in your completed forms, you will asked to call back at a given time to check on the status of your paperwork. It is your responsibility to return to the Clerk's Office to retrieve your copies.

Where do I go if I need to file after the Clerk's Office is closed?
The Springfield Police Department and the Greene County Records Division, located in the Greene County Justice Center (Jail), will have Ex Parte paperwork for petitioners needing to file in emergency situations after the Circuit Clerk's Office is closed. Again, please note that the staff in both of these locations will not be able to assist you with what to write if you need help completing the paperwork. After you have completed the forms, your petition will be faxed to a Duty Judge. If you choose to wait, you will be notified of whether or not you have been granted an Ex Parte Order of Protection before you leave. If you have been given a court date, you will receive a copy of your paperwork.

What happens if I receive a court date?

  • The Respondent will be served with the paperwork you filed and will have an opportunity to come to the court date. If any incidents with the Respondent occur between receiving your paperwork and your scheduled court date, call the police to file a report to document the violation
  • As the Petitioner, you will need to appear for the court date listed on your paperwork or your case will automatically be dismissed
  • If the Respondent is not served before the court date and you appear, it is possible the case will be continued to another day so proper service on the Respondent can be obtained
  • Come to the courthouse early on your hearing day and prepare to wait your turn. Protection Order hearings are only held once per week which means there could be a large number of cases heard before yours is called

If I am granted a Full Order of Protection, how long is it in effect?
A Full Order of Protection is put in place for one year unless otherwise specified by the court.

How do I schedule a "stand by" for law enforcement to assist me with retrieving my personal property?
The GCSO will only schedule stand by assistance to retrieve personal property if there is a court order to do so. This may be addressed on the Full Order of Protection document or in a docket entry provided by the courts. There are limitations even with a court order and some situations may require you to pursue your claim to property through the Civil Courts at a later time.

How do I check on the status of my civil process request?

Civil Office

  • Greene County Sheriff's Office Civil Office phone number:


You should have your case number, the name of the defendant and the location where service is to be attempted.
On occasion, filings can be located with your case number only.
Case Net

Click here to be redirected to Missouri Case.Net

  • Search Case.Net using "Case Number Search"
    • Click on "Case Number Search" and select "31st Judicial Circuit (Greene County)" from the drop-down menu
    • Enter case number in provided space
    • Click "Find"
    • Double click on highlighted case number
    • Click on "Docket Entries"
  • Search Case.Net using "Litigant Name Search"
    • Click on "Litigant Name Search" and select "31st Judicial Circuit (Greene County)" from the drop-down menu
    • Enter last name and first name in provided spaces
    • Click "Find"
    • Search for needed case and click on case number
    • Click on "Docket Entries"

Garnishment Exemption Related Forms

Click here to download Affidavit for Head of Household Exemption of Wage Garnishment Form
Click here to download Affidavit for Statutory Exemptions on a Bank Account Garnishment Form

What are civil process fees for the Greene County Sheriff's Office to attempt service?


  • All Civil Process with the exception of Subpoenas have a $35.00 service fee per document
  • Subpoenas have a $25.00 service fee for each subpoena
  • Per RSMO 57.280 the Greene County Sheriff's Office will begin charging $50.00 starting December 13th, 2021 for all eviction relation civil process to include: Unlawful Detainers (for posting and service), Summons (Landlord-Tenant Actions for posting and service), Executions in Landlord Actions and other eviction proceeding related orders.

Prepayment is REQUIRED

Note: a $400.00 refundable deposit is required to accompany all general executions levying upon a vehicle/item that requires towing and storage. This is to cover towing and storage expenses that must be paid.


  • Payment for civil process fees can be paid by check or money order made payable to GREENE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
  • Please include your court case number on your payment

*Government entities exempt pursuant to RSMo 57.280*

What documents do the GCSO Civil Division need to establish service?

A court generated document with an assigned case number and a signature from the Clerk's Office or Judge from the county of origin.
An example exception is an "Intent to file a Mechanic's Lien" where the Civil Division will assign a tracking number.

Documents to be served (Summons and petition/complaint or subpoena):

  • Affidavit of service
  • Prepaid service fees
  • Proper contact information for Plaintiff/Attorney and Defendant. This includes a proper address for the party being served, an address and phone number for the party requesting service

To submit an anonymous tip, please contact the Greene County Crime Tip Hotline at (417) 829-6230 You can also submit a tip online at Crime Stoppers .
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