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Offenders housed within the Greene County Jail will not choose their cell/assigned living area but will be placed in a housing unit and classified. During this time you will be oriented to the rules and operation of the facility.

Various programs and activities will be made available to you depending on your classification and behavior. Your custody level and behavior will determine, to a great extent, the level of programs and incentives you will be allowed to participate in.

Security levels for each pod are determined by the classification of the offenders housed there. Each offender will be classified at an appropriate custody level according to accepted guidelines. Offenders will be rewarded for their behavior and performance in the programs in which they are involved.

Beyond the provisions of classification, be advised that the facility administration may move any offender from one location to another, place an offender under more strict custody classifications, or suspend an offender's privileges without notice whenever such action is deemed necessary to preserve order, or protect persons or property from harm.

Classification Unit

The Greene County Sheriff's Department Jail Standards require that inmates be classified using an objective classification system. The Greene County Jail utilizes an objective classification system. The classification process is a great help to jail staff in assessing security risk and compatibility and making reasonable decisions as to where an inmate is to be housed. Classification takes into account current and past incarceration history, current and past behavior etc., in determining each offender's classification.

By using such a system the jail is able to place certain inmates with others they are most likely to get along with and avoid placing people with others they would be in conflict with ( such as opposing gang members ). Classification is a key element in the successful operation of a direct supervision unit such as in the jail's pods.

To submit an anonymous tip, please contact the Greene County Crime Tip Hotline at (417) 829-6230 You can also submit a tip online at Crime Stoppers .
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