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Housing Assignment

If you remain in custody of this facility, you will be assigned to one of several housing units known as "pods". There are many cells/beds inside a pod, and one of them will be assigned to you. You do not choose your cell assignment. This is performed by the Classification Officers. Offenders will be housed or removed and relocated to any other cell/assigned housing area in this facility or any other facility as deemed necessary by the staff of this facility.

After you receive your housing assignment, your cell areas need to be inspected by you the offender and all deficiencies brought to the Housing Officers attention. You are responsible for making sure that your cell remains in the same condition it was on the day you first occupied it. Your cell area will be inspected prior to your being released. Any damages to your cell will result in criminal prosecution and delay in your release requiring you to post a bond. Any offender who knowingly damages his/her cell will be prosecuted under RSMo. 221.353.

Basic hygiene items and clothing will be provided upon being dressed for general population or segregation units.

You are required to keep yourself, your cell, and your day room neat and clean at all times. This includes the making of your bunk daily when its not being used. Cleaning supplies will be available for you and are required to be used each day. You are required to participate in the daily housekeeping of your pods dayroom and showers areas.

Note: This applies to all offenders, including those in Disciplinary, Maximum Security, and Protective Custody.

You will not cross the yellow line around the pod desk without permission from the Pod Officer. At no time will you lean on or over the pod desk or enter the work station area of the pod.

You will respect the rights and property of other offenders. The only cell you may enter is the one assigned to you. It is a violation to stand in front of, to peer through the window, or knock on the door of another offender's cell.

A day room and recreation yard are provided in each pod. They are available for your use during free times when permission is granted from the Pod Officer

Televisions have been provided in general housing day rooms. They will be turned off during head counts, meals, and at the discretion of the Pod Officer. The Pod Officer is the only person authorized to operate the televisions. Any attempt to adjust or control a television is a violation of facility rules. Standing in front of or beside the television is forbidden. Chairs will be kept on the carpeted area at all times.

Anytime a Pod Officer calls for "Lock Down", you will immediately return to and enter your cell. If your door is locked, you will stand in front of your door quietly until acknowledged by the Pod Officer.

You will be expected to cooperate during head counts. Disciplinary action will be taken against any offender interfering with head count procedures.

To submit an anonymous tip, please contact the Greene County Crime Tip Hotline at (417) 829-6230 You can also submit a tip online at Crime Stoppers .
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