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Offender Mail

U.S. Postal Service, ASM, Sec. 274.96

“Authorized personnel of prisons, jails, or other correctional institutions, under lawful rules and regulations, may open, examine and censor mail addressed to an inmate of the institution, if the inmate-addressee consents to receive his or her mail at the institution through the institutional authorities. If the inmate does not consent, the personnel may return it to the post office unopened, marked “Refused”. An inmate may designate in writing an agent outside the institution to receive his or her mail, either through an authorized address of the agent if the mail is so addressed, or at the delivery post office serving the institution, if the mail is addressed to the inmate at the institution.”

Correspondence from inmates does not become U.S. Mail until it comes into the actual custody and control of the Postal Service, either when given to a postal employee or when deposited into a receptacle authorized by the Postmaster General for the receipt of mail: (i.e a street collection box, lobby drop in a U.S. Post Office, etc.). Therefore, unless items are considered actual mail matter as referenced above, the federal laws pertaining to the protection of mail matter do not apply.

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Mail Limitation

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